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In the increasingly digitized and turbulent market and with constantly changing consumer behavior, creating a marketing strategy that actually works has become a considerable challenge. To understand the implications of this change, companies, brands and individuals need to adopt a strategic approach to digital marketing as a whole and gain more in-depth understanding of opportunities arising from digital marketing strategy.

Our program offers a strategic approach to digital marketing and a set of skills that can make any individual savvy in his/her own field of expertise. You will learn how to redefine the value you bring to customers by applying skills, knowledge and techniques that will transform markets, brands, products, and customer experience. At the end of the program, you will gain essential insights and skills to create a digital marketing strategy that will give you a competitive advantage over your competitors and redefine customer value.

You can take this program as a standalone course or select a module that best fits your current needs. The program is individual and can be organized both online and offline.


The basics of digital marketing – sales funnel – types and definition; creation of a sales funnel; value chain


Content marketing – buyer persona; product benefits; web SEO; video copy; landing page; product description; E-commerce SEO ; SEO copywriting and search intent; authority website; email marketing;


Visual design in marketing – the basics of design in marketing ; video design and editing ; colors and photo editing ; photoshop in marketing ; color correction and grading ; narrative clips ; typography and text formatting.


Linkedin – LinkedIn profile – creation and analysis; networking and brand building; content creation; LinkedIn pages

Social Media Marketing – the basics of social media marketing; types and dynamics of posts, scheduling; influencer marketing.

Facebook – Facebook page; editing; Creator Studio; special options – live, event, offer, job; locations; Facebook shop; boost; AdCenter; Insights; mobile applications

Instagram – Instagram accounts ; Instagram options; posting; Insta Story; IGTV; IG Shop; Instagram applications; Instagram promotions.

Twitter – Twitter accounts;


Google Search Ads – introduction to Google Search Ads; creating a Google Ads account; market research tools; tracking conversion; keywords – types and research; Keyword Planner; campaigns; ad extensions in the system; campaign setup in the system; optimization and scaling; demographics; Impression Share Report; remarketing; advanced scaling and optimization; Landing page optimization.

Facebook adds – the basics of Facebook ads; navigation through Ads Manager; selection of a type of campaign; ad bundle; how to create a sales ad; ad creation; target audience; opening and adjusting Business Manager; creating and interpreting reports.

YouTube SEO – the module is designed to help you learn to optimize your video clips so that YouTube algorithms could present them to the interested audience. The first part of the module focuses on keywords and their presence in titles, descriptions and tags, whereas the second part includes content and interpretation of YouTube analytics which will help you create your own YouTube channel and optimize your content to ran better in YouTube search.

SEO – definition and basics of SEO ; key concepts ; keywords and search tools ; Onsite optimization ; URL structure and site architecture ; content SEO; SEO Tracking; SEO Crawlability; Offsite SEO, Link building & building tactics.

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