10 Steps to Digitize Your Business

Digitizing a business is no longer a novelty. According to Statista, almost half of the world population actively uses the Internet. Same as our lives, businesses have moved online and being digital is no longer a matter of future, but everyday necessity. Given innumerable options and opportunities, you can now easily digitize your business using software, digitize your data and apps to be in line with global trends.

Digital transformation has become an integral process for governments, businesses, mass media, healthcare, science, and so on, a key driver of an organization’s internal operations and external activities. By digitizing your business, you receive a tremendous opportunity to change your operations and adopt innovative and highly efficient ways of delivering value to your customers.

The necessity of the digital transformation is largely dictated by the customers expecting fast and efficient delivery of products and services. Basically, it involves engagement of technological advancements step by step, that is the establishment of a context for future implementation of new technology that will enable more streamlined processes and improve the quality of customer experience

To become fully digitized, the companies need to move their products and services into the digital environment and adopt new business models. Businesses that fail to accept the change, soon will be struggling for survival. Digitizing your business provides numerous benefits, including increased security, reduced costs, improved productivity, and so on. Most importantly, digitizing your data helps you boost your business, make it better and more efficient. What are the benefits of a digitized business?

  1. Storing your files in a cloud – Cloud-based systems are so helpful that you’ll keep wondering how, on Earth, you could do your business before. This is an efficient way of storing your important document safe and secure. Eliminating paper (printed documents) will free up a lot of office space and significantly reduce costs. Not to mention the environment…
  2. Sharing files digitally – although many companies still use printers to print loads of documents and share them with their colleagues, you need to go beyond this and share the files using a variety of digital methods like Gmail, Google Docs, and so on.
  3. Down with the fax and scan! Faxing and scanning demand loads of paper, whereas some apps are available for scanning at lower costs and in less time. These apps can be used via your smartphone – you can scan and save documents to your device, convert them to a desired format (like PDF) and share them via email.
  4. Communicate digitally – Rather than traditional communication methods, you can communicate with your employees via digital communication methods. Forget about paper-based messages, digital communication is the rule!
  5. Generate Digital Business Cards – Business cards require large amounts of paper…unless you digitize them! You can also use a variety of apps and software to scan and digitize cards.
  6. Electronic Signature – Physical signing of documents is history – instead of doing it, you can use digital or electronic signature (for example, use Adobe reader to sign documents)
  7. Go for digital bills – the bills you receive from your partners or suppliers and those you send to them can be sent in digital form.
  8. Paperless meetings – convey your information using technology instead of paper handouts at meetings.
  9. Training for digitally savvy employees – Digitalization IS about the process, but it is even more about PEOPLE, meaning that to digitize your business you need know-how and your employees should be aware of it. That is why you need to invest your resources in training your employees to be more digitally savvy.
  10. Be online – this refers to your online presence, primarily your business website you can use to offer your services and products online but also to interact with your clients or customers more effectively and receive their feedback.

Most importantly, however – you need to set digital protocols. To be able to evaluate and predict how digitization will impact your business and its processes, you need to plan to be able to prevent your company from launching a series of ineffective programs and protocols that lead to a negative response from customers and target audiences. Your plans need to exemplify your strengths, not your weaknesses.

The world at your fingerprints

Smartphones have completely taken over our daily lives. A survey by Statista shows that people mostly use smartphones and wireless devices to communicate and access data, including business processes, social media, gaming, tracking health, security surveillance, and so on. Therefore, to enhance your customers’ experience you need to think mobile, which is why mobile applications have become the key driver to reach the customer and an inextricable element of every marketing strategy.

This is also true of apps, especially custom-designed ones which have become a tremendous marketing tool, especially if they are user-friendly and paired with specific features. If you offer rich functionality or streamlined online payments and ordering, you are more likely to attract consumers to cooperate with your brand on a daily basis. More engagement from your customers makes loyal customers and loyal customers use their apps to make regular purchases, orders, but also to recommend the company to their peers or followers. 

Going mobile brings about important benefits for your business: no geographic limits, marketing on-the-go, added value for your customers, increased sales, information sharing, brand awareness, social engagement.

Finally, you need a connected business to survive and thrive in the connected world. Every business needs to be aware of the importance of technology, especially the cutting-edge technologies, which provide new opportunities for businesses, opens new markets and increases revenue, especially if accompanied by connectivity and personalization. To be able to respond to the requirement of the digitized environment you need to embrace the transformational opportunities that can digitize your businesses.

We are at your disposal for any idea you may have regarding your digital business. You just need to ask!